Page 317 - Atouts Economiques Cameroun-2019-GB
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                 In order to enable Cameroonian Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to contri- bute to building the emergence of Cameroon by 2035, the BC-PME intends to: mobilize financial resources both at the national and international levels for direct and indirect financing of SMEs; expand its branch net- work throughout the country; be the manage- ment bank for all funds earmarked for SME and craft development projects; sign strate- gic partnerships with organizations whose mission is to support the SMEs.
BC-PME already has many partners including: the African Fund for Guarantees and Economic Cooperation (FAGACE), to contri- bute to the financing of investment projects of the SMEs; the Rural Microfinance Development Support Project (PADMIR), to pro- vide Microfinance Institutions with dedicated financing lines to finance the entire agricultural value chain; the Agricultural Markets Investment and Development Programme (PIDMA); the Support Programme for Agricultural and Agri-Food SMEs (PMEAA) n
The head office of the Cameroon Bank of Small and Medium-sized enterprises in Yaoundé
  A view of the Hall of the head office building

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