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 Po Box. 4068 - DOUALA
Tel. (237) 233 423 171 Fax. (237) 233 42 64 53
E-mail :
AXA Cameroon (formerly Compagnie Camerounaise d’Assurances et de Réassurances) is a private company whose origins date back to July 1974. Our Ambtion: giving Everyone the means to experience a better world...
AXA Cameroon is a private company under national law and governed by the Insurance Code of the Member States of the Inter-African Conference of Insurance Markets (CIMA) set up in 1995. AXA Cameroon was created by the merger between AXA Group and Union des Assurances de Paris in November 1996. On 8 June 2000, the Compagnie Camerounaise d’Assurances et de Réassurances became AXA Cameroon, thus adopting the AXA Group brand.
AXA Cameroon is currently the market leader with a turnover of 20.5 billion CFA F. The com- pany is headquartered in Douala, and is establi- shed in Yaoundé (Branch), the political and admi- nistrative capital. Its commercial network of 2 Consultancy Spaces (Douala and Yaoundé), 13 General Agents and 28 Brokers allows it to cover the ten regions of the country.
AXA Cameroon offers its customers all categories of non-life insurance.
AXA Cameroon is a team of 70 well-trained and motivated employees who propose adap- ted solutions to offer a better customer service. AXA CAMEROON is managed by a Board of Directors chaired by Mr. Oumarou SANDA. The executive management of the company is composed of:
n Thierry KEPEDEN, Chief Executive Officer n Joseph KAMGA SIEWE Acting Financial
n Martial EDDIE MBOULA Technical Manager
AXA Group intends in 2020 to continue expan- ding, increasing her competitiveness and ever more growing solid, while creating a new custo- mer experience. AXA Cameroon wants in so doing to change its role from insurance provider to partner of its customers n
Mr. Thierry KEPEDEN, CEO AXA Cameroon

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