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all kind form invested capital, and in case of ces- sion of activities, the liquidation product or ces- sion of investment, while waiting that it should be in order with tax administration.
It also guarantees, in respecting the laws and regulations governing banking and exchange operations, the freedom to transfer out of the national territory, funds corresponding to normal and current payments for supplies and effective services, notably in the form of rights or other remunerations.
Every authorised investment benefits from the guarantee of non commercial risks on conditions of article 15 of the treaty to institute the multilate- ral agency for investment guarantee, ratified by Cameroon.
Are guaranteed:
• The freedom to exercise an economic activity in Cameroon for every physical or corporate body, of Cameroonian of foreign nationality;
• The benefit of full protection of Cameroonian right to every foreign investor;
• The enjoyment in the respect of laws and regu- lations in force of rights of every kind in terms of property, concession, and administrative authori- sation to every physical person or corporate body no matter his nationality;
• The free transfer out of the territory of revenue of every kind coming from capitals invested;
• The free choice of the legal procedure for arbi- tration and dispute settlement;
• The free conclusion and execution of contracts useful for the interest of the investor in terms of finances and commerce
Since 1990, Cameroonian parliament has adopted a number of texts translating the will to liberalise public life and the economy. Also, for most economic activities, the regime of simple declaration replaced that of prior authorisation.
To improve the legal and institutional frame, in a bid to create an appropriate environment to busi- ness, to attract more direct foreign investments, formalities in different administrations have been reduced very much.
The charter of investment of CEMAC signed by member States on 17 December 1999 has come to reinforce this regulatory framework. To this effect, it stipulates that member States shall ensure the promotion of legal protection, and reinforce the State of law. The community court of justice ensures the rights and duties of treaty creating CEMAC and acts taken in vir- tue of the treaty.
States adhering to the treaty of the Organisation for harmonisation of Business law in Africa (OHADA), guarantee the application of proce- dures and orders of the common court of justice and arbitration of this regional institution. They adopt their national laws and their legal policies to the rules and regulations of OHADA.
One needs a trading licence issued by the DGI (Tax Office) to a commercial activity in Cameroon

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