Page 334 - Atouts Economiques Cameroun-2019-GB
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                 • The pledge to ensure flexibility and reversibility of decision making processes in the sense of building the competitiveness of the economy;
• The clarification of the role of the state and ins- titutions in terms of economic and social issues, as collective actors seeking full employment of national resources through appropriate actions and taking into account the strengths and weak- nesses of the market, the private sector and the civil society in a bid to ensure a State of law and good governance;
• The re-centring and building of the role of the university and national scientific and technical research system as critical factors of transf- ormation and mastery of economic and social structures;
• The promotion of entrepreneurship as back bone of valorisation of the potential of creativity of Cameroon, a prior condition for the creation of viable and competitive companies and deter- minant factor to solve sustainably the problem of unemployment and poverty;
• The safeguard of the ecological environment and rational exploitation of natural resources of the soil and sub soil to develop safe and sustai- nable development;
• The promotion and active facilitation of invest- ments and exploitations in coherence with the valorisation of the entrepreneurial potential;
• The taking into account of specific or particular sectors which need measures, mindful of constraints tied to conditions of exploitation and valuing of local resources.
• The preoccupation to establish an appropriate institutional and regulatory framework that guaran- tees security of investment, support to investors and equitable rapid settlement of disputes on invest- ment and commercial and industrial activities;
• The necessity to dispose of an adequate finan- cial system that enables a efficient financial inter- mediation and in particular, ensure a good mobi- lisation of saving and its orientation towards most productive activities and towards high yield investments;
• The interest to have a trust worthy and efficient information system using new information and communication technologies;
• The pledge to make effective every necessary measure recommended by coordination and super- vision organs created by this law to create tye char- ter of investment in the republic of Cameroon.
• The pledge to promote a real partnership bet- ween the State, private sector and the civil society as condition for the search of a better global efficiency of the economy;
• The putting in place of an inciting and attractive law for investors which shall take into account, on one hand, the specificity and imposition of pro- duction equipment and, on the other hand, demands of competitiveness to exportation.
In considered as investor according to this law, every physical or corporate body from Cameroonian or foreign origin, resident or not, who acquires an asset for the exercise of its acti- vities in view of obtaining yields.
Is considered as investment, according to this law, an asset held by an investor, in particular:
n A company
n Shares, parts of the capital or other
participations to capital of a company n Obligations and other forms of claims n Monetary claims
n Intellectual property rights
n Rights to medium and long term contracts, notably management, production, commercialisation contracts
n Rights given by law and regulations
to concessions, licences, authorisations or permits
n Every other corporeal and non corporeal property, movable or immovable, all related property rights.
At the end of this law, the State recovers all public institutions provided by the constitution.
This law defines the promotion framework of investments in conformity with the global develop- ment strategy which aims at ameliorating, making growth sustainable, creation of jobs in all sectors of economic activities and social well being of the population.
The provisions of this law are applicable to investment operations related to the creation of , the extension, renewal, management and/or change of activity.
Role Of The State In Economic Terms
Within the framework of its fundamental missions, the State administers the Nation, guarantees right to justice and security to people and their goods. To this effect, the State pledges to:
• Trains and sensitise its agents so that the accom- plishment of its missions should not be an obstacle to the proper functioning of the economic system;
• Put an end to every form administrative and police harassments, and particularly to avoid every hindrance to circulation of people and goods.

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