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                The State affirms its commitment to ensure the put- ting in place of alternative mechanisms of conflict resolution notably of a national arbitration court for the settlement of industrial and commercial disputes.
The mechanism of offer of demand applies to goods and services offered to authorities. Strategic and key sectors defined and organised by regulatory way are supervised by specific organs created for their supervision.
To ensure the supervision of appropriate regula- tion as well as supervision of markets other than those that have specialised organs, the national competition commission is created under the supervision of the ministry in charge of competi- tion with determined missions and competencies through regulatory ways.
International transparency norms concerning pro- tection, publication and spread of quality infor- mation applicable to both the public and private sector are adopted in Cameroon.
The State adheres to multilateral systems of exchange notably the agreements of the World trade organisation and other development mecha- nisms of international trade, as well as agreements of the World Customs Organisation (OMD).
The State reaffirms its adhesion to the option of regional integration in particular within CEMAC and CEEAC.
Three types of general inciting institution are iden- tified: promotion, facilitation and support.
Promotion consists in the organisation of manifes- tations and missions locally or abroad active partnership, the management of an opportunity portfolio as well as marketing of the country’s potentials.
Facilitation consists in the assistance and swift- ness in the accomplishing of formalities, transpa- rency in the treatment of files.
Support consists in the technical or financial sup- port for the creation and recovery of companies and development of exploitation.
They are regrouped in regimes, sector codes, economic zones and duration of advantages. Three regimes are instituted:
n Automatic regime n Declaration regime
n Authorisation regime
The benefit of the automatic system is easy after realisation of investment in conformity with speci- fied conditions by texts. However, a summary declaration is made annually at competent ser- vices of State administration for control and vali- dation.
The declaration regime is granted within a dead- line of two consecutive working days in the res- pect of conditions laid down by law from the date of submission of complete file at the one stop shop. The latter shall issue from submission of file, a receipt.
The authorisation regime is granted to the investor within a maximum deadline of 15 consecutive working days in the respect of conditions laid down by regulatory way from the date of submis- sion of complete file at the one stop shop which should deliver a receipt after deposit of file.
In case of non respect by the one stop shop of deadlines mentioned in sub sections 3 and 4, the regime sought for is automatically attributed to the investor who consequently initiates immedia- tely, a regularisation procedure. Modalities of instituted regime functioning to sub section 1 of this article are determined by specific texts.
Sector codes are tools of incitement adapted to one or more sectors of economic activityand/ or covering one or more technical domains of the economy.
Economic zones are incitement tools placed in pri- vileged zones. They are instituted where need be in conditions for creation and eligibility to rights and principles to be determined by specific texts in relation with the objectives of the government.
They can be transformed in autonomous offices under conditions defined by specific texts. The duration of incitements is determined in the sector code and economic zones depending on the activity.
The elaboration of application texts of this law is done on a tripartite basis of equality, public sec- tor, private sector, and civil society.
Application texts provided in sub section one must bear the technical opinion of the regu- lation council and competition provided in article 25.
Control Of Respect
Of Texts And Exercise Of Appeals
Appeals filed by the investor for non respect of the provision of the present law and its applica- tion texts is made first at the council of regulation and competition.

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