Page 338 - Atouts Economiques Cameroun-2019-GB
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Promotion And Facilitation
Of Investments And Exportations
The promotion and facilitation of investment and exportations are ensured by:
n The council for regulation and competition
n The Agency for the Promotion of Investment n The agency for the promotion of exportation
Promotion Of Private Initiative
The promotion of private initiative is ensured by the following organs:
n A council for industrial partnership
n An institute of entrepreneurship
n An observatory of industry and commerce n An agency of norms and quality
n A centre of intellectual property
The creation, organisation and functioning of organs and private institutes in this law are deter- mined by decree of the president of the republic.
Management Of Instiotutions
The composition of organs for the management of institutions create in application of the present law is equal and tripartite: public sector, private sector and civil society.
Fiscal And Custom Incitement
Fiscal and custom devices rest on equity bet- ween the various tax payers and moderation enabling the State to carry out its economic and social role well. The State is in a simplification and harmonisation process of the fiscal system in order to ensure transparency, fluidity and homo- genous clarity for all investors. Fiscal and custom samples are made in respect of rules, practices and close or equivalent proposals to international usage, by ensuring the adaptation, evolution and specificity of the industrial sector.
Rights of tax payers are known and must be res- pected by the administration. The State guaran- tees the application of moderate custom rights and adheres to principles of their reduction, within the framework of policies defined by CEMAC, and in conformity with the provisions of the WTO. It reaffirms its disposition to implement economic and suspensive regimes provided by the CEMAC custom code. The following provisions are taken concerning direct and indirect taxes:
• Generalised application of value added tax (VAT) and neutral sample for investment and pro- duction of wealth;
• The application of null VAT on exports and the reimbursement of that acquitted on investments and exploitation of expenditure of exporting com- panies to guarantee their competitiveness on the international market;
• The taking into account of fiscal inciting measures related to various specific codes to investment.
• Encouragement through fiscal, specific inciting custom measures to the research and develop- ment sectors, the professional training and the protection of the environment.
As concerns stamps and registration, moderate laws are applied to the constitution of compa- nies, to the modification of statutes, increase of capital, fusion-acquisition operations, for remis- sion and to circulation of movable values.
Organisation Of The Financial System
The State aims at establishing an adequate finan- cial system due to the development of investment needs and the quest for competitiveness.
Cameroon is a member of UMAC; it seeks more coherence and harmony with the demands of an increasingly liberal and integrated economy, implying quasi spontaneous adjustments.
To get closer to international norms, the State supports all actions aimed at making BEAC and COBAC efficient for development of investments and companies of all sizes on one hand, and on the other, meet the challenges of the financial crisis.
The State favours the development of a safe cul- ture of loan and currency by the putting in place of a loan credit and currency. It also ensures the promotion of SME/SMI notably by:
• The establishment of a financial service system in favour of economic operations of medium size through appropriate regulation and supervision
The State puts in place promotion mechanisms of promoting integral exportation, on one hand, and insurance and financing techniques aimed at, on the other hand, on the cover of production risks, search of markets, facilitation of the said financing and various risks. It adheres notably to the African Bank for Import and Export (AFREXIM Bank), pan African institute aimed at financing loan operations for imports and exports.
Without prejudice of national financial structures, the State supports the creation of a sub regional market, credible and conform to international norms, to enable the mobilisation of long savings and its allocation in productive and beneficial investment projects.
The State endures the active promotion of saving and placement by the elaboration of an inciting saving code for saving and placing. It puts in place volun- tary public titles. The national market of public titles is integrated in sub regional initiatives on the issue.
The State adheres to a solid and efficient system of industrial, commercial and social risk cove- rage which is indispensable for the development of investment and research for competitiveness.

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