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                Miscellaneous Provisions
This law abrogates:
• Ordinance No 90/001 of 29 January 1990 to create the regime of the franc zone in Cameroon ratified by Law No 90/023 of 10 August 1990;
• Ordinance No 90/007 of 8 November 1990 to create the code of three investments in Cameroon.
The sector codes and regulatory texts relating to the organisation, composition and functioning of institutions provided in this charter shall be taken in not more than two years from the date of pro- mulgation of this law.
Companies which benefit from special regimes or privileged regimes flow from the above men- tioned texts, conserving their advantage. During the transition period of two years mentioned in sub paragraph 2 above, and by derogation to provisions of sub section one of this article, insti- tutions and regimes provided by texts mentioned in sub paragraph one remain in force till the put- ting in place of new institutions and sector codes.
All legislative and regulatory texts whose provi- sions are contrary to those of this law must be in conformity. The organs and institutions provided in this law which exist at the time of its entry into force have one year deadline from the date of its promulgation to be in conformity with the provi- sions of this one.
Cameroon’s economic needs and potentials are such that there are a great variety of good invest- ment sectors. Amongst other can be cited:
n The transformation of materials which leads to the production of a finished or semi finished goods
n Extraction and transformation of mineral resources
n The transformation of hydrocarbons, n Forest exploitation assorted with the
transformation of wood
n Agricultural production
n Production
n Stock breeding
n Industrial and local fishing
n Transformation of agricultural products, animal or halieutic
n Stocking and conservation activities of food products,
n Making of necessary materials for public buildings
n Maintenance of industrial equipment focused on the making on spare parts
n Naval repairs, technological research activities and the management of data
n Hospitals and pharmaceutical laboratories
n Trial, analysis and control of raw material laboratories for finished or semi finished products used or produced by the industry
n Touristic restoration areas when they are inte- grated in a touristic pack or implanted in a touristic site known by touristic administration.
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