Page 348 - Atouts Economiques Cameroun-2019-GB
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The Home service welcomes the promoter and figures out the type of activity he intends to execute.
In case of sole proprietorship, the promoter is informed on the relevant elements that constitute the file to be produced.
In case of a company regulated by the uniform act on Business Law in Africa (OHADA) with regards to the law applicable to commercial companies and Economic Interest Groups, the promoter is informed on the relevant elements which constitute a file besides meeting a notary.
• The Home Service hands over to the promoter a brochure containing all the relevant information which constitute the file to be produced.
• Once all the information has been collected, the promoter leaves the Centre and starts compi- ling the file which he needs to deposit.
Below are the relevant components of the file:
• A legalised copy of the National Identity Card or the Birth Certificate of the local promoter.
• A copy of the passport or the Resident Permit of the foreign promoter.
• An excerpt of the Bulletin Number 3 of the cri- minal records or a simple declaration of honour.
The declaration of honour is submitted by the promoter of the company and is valid for only two months. The submission of the criminal record still remains a regulatory process and failure to comply by the end of the two months automatically leads to elimination from the Register of Companies and Liens (RCCM):
Socio-professional groups regularly organize investment forums
• An excerpt of the central file and an excerpt of the criminal record of the country of origin for foreigners.
• An excerpt of the marriage certificate or a sin- gle’s certificate.
• A certificate of Residence.
• Two 4x4 passport size photographs in black
and white or colour.
• A photocopy of the receipt of property along- side evidence of payment on the buildings ( If and only if the building hosting Head Office belongs to the promoter)
• A plan of location
• A plan of location.
• An excerpt of the criminal record for the Managers, Administrators, Chairman of Board of Directors or National Directors based on the kind of company i.e Limited Liability Company or A public Company. (an original copy for the natio- nals and a central file or an extract of the criminal record for foreigners.);
• The minutes of the constitution of the company (Declaration of subscription and deposit, the statute etc);
• Two letters before registration constitution of the company ;
• A photocopy of the title of ownership and a receipt as confirmation of payment of property tax on the building (provided the building hosting the Head Office belongs to the promoter.);

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