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                  Ministry of Finance
The Ministry of Finance is responsible for the development and implementation of Government’s policies related to financial, budgetary, tax and monetary issues. It is at the heart of the Government scheme to improve the economic performance the country and the evolution of its growth rate...
The Ministry of Finance is on the front line of the fight being conducted by Cameroon for some years now for sustainable growth, prior to the projected emergence by 2035. One of the current and most urgent challenges is to create a balanced macro-economic context, a challenge the Government has been tackling since the conclusion of an Economic and Financial Programme in June 2017 with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and whose guideline consists in restoring the sustainability of public finances and external accounts in the medium term.
In this respect, it should be noted that, although a programme performance assessment based on the results at 30 June 2017 was judged to be
globally satisfactory and enabled the release of a second instalment of budget support related thereto (64 billion CFA francs), a difficult way still lay ahead. At MINFI, they are well aware that it is essentially in the form of a strong discipline in the management of available resources, and especially in the timely implementation of a set of activities, measures and reforms on which the Government is committed.
In line with this commitment, the Ministry of Finance is resolutely within a move towards dematerialization and simplification of proce- dures, in order to step into line with the requi- rements of the modern era. Hence the pro- found changes in all the compartments of its activity. Thus, on taxation, reforms have expe- rienced progress worthy of the need to strengthen the capacity to mobilize own resources. >>>
 The premises of the Ministry of Finance in Yaoundé

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