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This office is equally responsible for the verifica- tion of the content of the file, signing of deposit receipts and issuing attestation for the creation of companies. All these services are directly answe- rable to the Coordinator.
All things being equal, 72 hours after depositing the file, the promoter is eligible to receive a declaration for the creation of a company. A mutual agreement between the Promoter and the Coordinator must be arrived at , should it be impossible (for some reason) to meet up with this mandatory deadline.
That notwithstanding, the afore endorsed receipt has a validity of three months only as from the date of delivery. After these three months, is void of all legal validity and the Attestation of creation issued at the Centre becomes due.
Once the attestation of creation of the company is signed, the file containing the original docu- ments is returned to the Home Service.
At the end of the process, the Coordinator transmits the complete file to the Home Service which facilitates the withdrawal of the attestation initially requested by the Promoter. The following files are transmitted:
• The attestation of the creation of the company. • The attestation for the Registration at the
Registry of Commerce and Liens (RCCM)
• The exempted Business License. • The exempted Tax Payers’ Card.
• Attestation of non-use of salaried staff or use of salaried staff.
The Home Agent receives the complete file and pho- tocopies two sets. The original documents are han- ded over to the Promoter when it is a sole proprie- torship and to the notary for commercial companies.
One set of the photocopies is sent to the Archive Service while the other is channelled to the com- petent Taxation Office within the jurisdiction.
The Promoter returns to the Home Service so as to withdraw the attestation while the rest of the file is sent back to the Archive Service.
This service receives rest of the file ensures it registration , treatment of its relevant statistic and proper filing.
N B: In areas where the Centre in charge of the Formalities for the Creation of Companies (CFCC) exists, the procedure for the creation of companies described above is restricted to the following: Registration at the Registry of Commerce and Liens (RCCM), payment of the creation charges, issuing of payroll attestation by the National Social Security Fund (CNPS), deli- vering of Taxation documents and the validation of the status of the company.
The introductory sheet is finally transferred to the NSIF

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