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Based in Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon, port city and main gateway to the CEMAC (Central African Economic and Monetary Community), the Douala Stock Exchange (DSX) is both a bearer of the hopes of the national economic and financial community and the results of the will of the Cameroonian authorities. The Douala Stock Exchange is a public limited company with a board of directors; it has a capital of 1.8 billion FCFA of which 63.7% of the shares are held by ten private com- mercial banks, the Crédit Foncier of Cameroon and the Dutch FMO, 23% by public interests and 13.3% by private insurance companies.
In an economic environment restored by the restructuring of the financial system on the one hand, and a business climate in progress, follo- wing the liberalization of the market sector on the other, the Douala Stock Exchange aims at:
• Completing and diversifying the financing offer and to be a support tool for privatisation and concession programs;
• Broaden the range of investments offered to savers and institutional investors, and ensure the transpa- rency of economic and financial information.
The DSX has two compartments, namely an equity market and a bond market.
In this sub-fund, the DSX has three shares lis- ted in September 2018: the SEMC share, whose current share price is 58,199 CFA F, listed on the market since June 30, 2006, the SAFACAM share having a price 28 499 FCFA, listed on the market since 9 July 2008 and finally the SOCAPALM share in the course of 23 001 FCFA was listed on the market since 7 April 2009. The three shares represent as a whole the capitalization of the equity sub-fund that amounts to 153,985,595,077 FCFA.
The bond compartment of DSX experiences significant liquidity; thus during the meeting of September 19, 2018, the market having been receptive to the offers made on September 14 on Cameroon’s bonds issues, that is 500 bonds offered for the 4th 2016 “ECMR 5.5% net 2016-2021”(165 billion FCFA) and 1000 for the third bond, “ECMR 5.5% net 2014-2019” (150 billion FCFA). In absolute terms, the 1000 bonds of the 2014 loan were sold for an amount of 5 201 160 FCFA, and the 500 securities of the 2016 loan for an amount of 5 253 905 FCFA, including coupons.

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