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Mekin Hydroelectric Development : Technical data sheet
Mekin Dam Operation Team
Total cost
of the project
• 3 operations team leaders and 6 operating operators of the Mekin Plant operating 24 hours a day, on a rotation system. Their activity covers the start-up and monitoring of the plant, daily rounds, setting of operating parameters and reporting, and management of walking movements;
EXIM BANK of CHINA (75%) and Cameroonian Government (25%)
CIMA International
• Construction of a rockfill dam with a foot production plant having an installed capacity of 15 MW (5 MW x 3). A 6.3/110KV interconnection substation in Mekin. A 110/30 KV transmission line from Mekin to Ndjom Yekombo. And finally, a 110/30KV interconnection source substation at Ndjom Yekombo, the connection point to the South Interconnected Grid (RIS);
• Owner’s housing project;
• Evacuation of lumber in the flooding zone of the 78.88 km2, or 7888 ha reservoir;
• An access road to the site on 12.37 km;
• Completion of the environmental and social impact assessment of the access road, the transmission line, the dam and the upstream reservoir including the development of the Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) for its implementation by the project owner;
• Training of future staff for the operation and management of the Mekin Dam.
The operating team of the Mekin hydroelectric development, about twenty Cameroonian specialists, has been on the site since January 2017. After a first commissioning of the first group of the Plant in December 2015, and then two others between March and July 2016. The team is in charge of the daily management of the development of Mekin; it is placed under the coordination of a Plant Manager, assisted by a Deputy Plant Manager, in charge of the organization, operation and maintenance of the Mekin hydroelectric development. Staff assigned to Mekin includes:
• 3 heads of stations in charge of interconnection operations at the South Interconnected Grid installed in Ndjom Yekombo;
• A maintenance team with a Team Leader and four technicians, one of whom is in charge of mechanical maintenance and four in charge of electrical maintenance;
• 2 environmentalists.
CFA F 25 billion in the form of a 20-year concessional loan with a four-year deferral at an interest rate of 2%.

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