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                  Les Atouts Economiques du Cameroun, is a publication of the Central Office for External Promotion. Its release inspired a large number of people, businesses, institutions and establishments to participate. We wish to express our gratitude to them through these few, humble lines.
Our first thoughts are naturally of the team of the President of the Republic, with whom we produced this work, and more particularly to Mr. Samuel Ayolo Mvondo, Director of the Civil Cabinet.
We would also like to thank the various Ministers from the Government as well as their team members for the indispensable information they provided.
We also wish to extend warm homage to all the business leaders who responded to our call. The publicity-reportages, used to present their companies, will give a precise idea of the diversity of Cameroon’s economy. The importance of these companies and their dynamic position in the various regions make them the economic backbone of Cameroon.
Our last thanks go to the technical and teams in particular Mr. Badjang Ba Nkeng and his collaborators, for their participation inupdating of the information found in this edition, as well as Mr. Victor Yéné for his contributions to the iconographic enrichment of this work.
Lastly, in a more general way to all those which, to some level that it is, contributed to its success.
          Boite Postale 972 - Yaoundé

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