Page 55 - Atouts Economiques Cameroun-2019-GB
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                 • Can deal with cases of its own initiative and sanction a procedure.
An attempt to work out the thinking of the Reformer leads us to believe that it is undoubtedly because of the eloquent results produced by the ministry, which has effectively carried out the
“Zero tolerance” against corruption for all supply contracts
implementation of the seventh reform on the one hand and, on the other hand, on the basis of the expertise that MINMAP has earned in public contracts, both in their procurement and the control of their execution, that the Head of State has now decided to specialize the Ministry of Public Contracts ( MINMAP) in the control, all this, to better ensure the execution of public pro- curement.
To return to the clear results produced by the Ministry of Public Contracts (MINMAP), the follo- wing performances should be outlined:
• More than 600 billion CFA francs in budget savings over six years ;
• A drastic reduction of the OTC rate from 46% to 10%;
• More than ninety percent (90%) of fully execu- ted and delivered contracts in all 10 regions since Fiscal Year 2015;
• The end of fictitious contracts;
• Steady and continued decline in abandoned
• The tracking rates based on awards less than one percent (1%);
• The restart of poorly executed contracts, inclu-
ding the paving of a 90-km road at the expense
of the contracting parties; >>>
Companies are invited to respect the specifications

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