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ment of hepatitis B costs 3,000 F CFA, while the curative treatment of hepatitis C costs, in 12 weeks, between 260,000 and 750,000 F CFA, depending on the genotype.
Since 2011, the ACCESS programme has been accelerated with the introduction of Pegylated Interferon and Ribavine. Conventions have been signed with laborato- ries, like Hoffman Laroche, not to mention the agreements with Gilead, Mylan and Alere, which allow Cameroon to have universal access to hepatitis treatments today thanks to the prices that are affordable, and to the effectiveness of the molecules used. Besides, all the regional capitals have at least one care centre, while in 2011, there were only two, in Douala and Yaoundé.
In terms of care, the Ministry of Public Health had to face other major challenges, such as the management of the railway disaster that occurred on October 21, 2016 in Eseka. Organizing assistance helped the process of care to be well supervised and to keep under control the number of deaths out of the loca- tion of the casualty.
The emergency programme of the President of the Republic throughout the country for the construction of referral hospitals and rehabilita- tion of general hospitals of Douala and Yaoundé, as well as a National Public Health Emergency Operations Centre is in progress.
A view of National Public Heath Laboratory
On the sensitive issue of human resources, the finalization of the Human Resources Development Plan, which includes a recruitment plan, an initial and continuous training plan, as well as a moti- vation plan for staff retention in inaccessible for the integration of health personnel, is ongoing. A continuous dialogue is engaged with the health workforce unions to provide sustainable res- ponses to their concerns.
The Health Sector Strategy document for 2016- 2027 has been validated and is focused on two objectives. This is to contribute, on the one hand, to accelerate the development of human capital for growth and sustainable development, in accor- dance with the indications and recommendations of the Growth and Employment Strategy Paper (GESP). And, on the other hand, align with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by accelerating the establishment of universal health coverage. Reflections on the gradual implementation of this uni- versal health coverage have made good progress and should have been completed in 2018.
These considerable efforts made by the Cameroonian authorities in the aforementioned areas are no doubt intended to increase health supply and the constant improvement of the qua- lity of care. All things that will contribute to achie- ving the ambition cherished by the Cameroonian President to make Cameroon a country where universal access to quality health services is ensu- red for all social strata by 2035, this with the full and entire community participation n

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