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• The promotion and protection of the family, the aim of which is to prevent dysfunctions within families through prenuptial, marital and family education, and family therapy;
• Mobilization for Essential Family Practices (EFPs) with the aim of contributing to the improve- ment of the family's well-being by mobilizing families for EFPs, soliciting health services and helping needy families;
• The promotion and protection of the rights of the Child, which aims at the popularization of the instruments and mechanisms of protection of the Child by raising awareness on the respect of the rights of the Child.
The promotion and protection of women's rights focuses most of the work, with, among other things:
• Development of reference documents;
• Increase of the political capacities of women;
• Carrying out studies;
• Legal aid to survivors of gender-based violence (GBV);
• Popularization of aspects of the new Penal Code relating to the protection of the rights of women, family and child...
In view of the institutionalization of gender, awareness-raising and advocacy campaigns are carried out to combat GBV, including in
Group photo: MINPROFF-Orange on the signing of a convention
humanitarian areas. Gender Facts in Public Administration are being developed, a National Gender Policy has been defined and its Implementation Document developed and presented, elimination of gender inequalities, valuing women's resources, women's access to basic social services, the fight against harmful cultural practices, the improvement of Maternal and Child Health.
Women’s economic empowerment is achieved through the strengthening of entrepreneurial and managerial capacities of Women and Young Girls, the access of women to production factors and markets, the setting up of structures of super- vision and support for companies created and managed by women.
In the strengthening of the National Coverage of women's leadership structures, it’s about the construction and equipping of the Centres for the Promotion of Women and the Family (CPFF) and Appropriate Technology Centres (ATC) that train Women and Girls in the field of small trades or Income Generating Activities (AGR).
These achievements are made possible by the collaboration of the sectoral administrations, the partnership with the United Nations System in Cameroon and the development partners.
MINPROFF's sole objective remains the United Nations 50/50 parity. To this end, it is neces- sary to continue and complete the actions initia- ted and in progress, that is to say, to carry out the programmes included in the Roadmap n

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