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education and life at school; improving professio- nal competence; the optimization of training.
In 2017, the budget allocated to the Ministry of Secondary Education amounted to 319 billion, up 29.6% from 2016, including a 600-million grant intended for the private secondary educa- tion. A special subsidy of one billion was granted by the Head of State to private secondary schools for the year 2017/2018. Between the school years 2014/2015 and 2015/2016, the number of schools had increased from 2,589 to 2,685 in the public and 1,197 to 1,302 in the private sector. For the 2015/2016 school year, the government has created 59 vocational secondary technical schools, bringing their num- ber to 729. In the private sector on the other hand, they particularly dwelled on general secondary schools (44 schools created), multi- purpose (25) and ENIEGs (teachers’ training schools 22).
In 2017, infrastructure development resulted in: the construction of 404 classrooms and 21 workshops; the construction of an administrative block at Doukoula High School; the completion of the construction work of Yabassi Technical and Vocational Agricultural High School and Ekounou Technical and Vocational High School of Construction and Public Works; the continuation of the construction work of technical and vocatio- nal agricultural high schools in Yagoua and Lagdo, technical high schools of Nsam, Maroua
and Ombé; the connection of 50 high schools and colleges to the Internet network; the connec- tion of 12 schools to the electrical networks; the rehabilitation of classrooms in 15 schools.
In terms of equipment, the actions carried out are: the equipping of 600 classrooms with 18,000 benches; the equipping of the technical high schools of Bamenda-Nkwen, Bertoua Kpokolota, Figuil and Ngaoundéré; the equip- ping of three metal workshops with -mechanical
The general secondary education numbered 1 891 380 students under the supervision of 85 888 teachers
More than 50 high schools have been connected to the Internet network

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