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Ministry of Basic Education
In accordance with its missions, the Ministry of Basic Education has assigned an essential task to the new school, consisting in providing the Citizen with a complete individual, collective, moral, economic, intellectual, political and civic training...
The strategic objective of the Ministry of Basic Education (MINEDUB) is to ensure quality educa- tion for all school-age children and to combat illi- teracy. This is divided into three operational objectives, namely: Improving access and com- pletion of the primary school; Increasing the pre- school enrollment rate throughout the national ter- ritory; Increasing the literate population.
These objectives are all in line with the organic fra- mework of this Department, whose missions are:
• The organization and functioning of nursery and primary education, as well as the design and determination of curricula and supervision their implementation;
• Studies and research on appropriate methods for basic education, as well as the development of schools’ management and assessment princi- ples at this level of education;
• The moral, civic and intellectual education of school-age children, in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Civic Education, as well as the design and dissemination of standards, rules and procedures for the learner’s assessment;
• The monitoring and supervision of the public and private schools’ administrative and educatio- nal management at this level of education;
• The development and monitoring of the school- mapping implementation of this level of educa- tion, as well as the development, analysis and maintenance of statistics at this level of education;
• The development of a policy on book at this level of education, and the fight against illiteracy;
• Monitoring the private nursery and primary schools in secular and denominational education, as well as the construction of school buildings and facilities, including for the teachers (PTAs);
• The management and ongoing teaching and auxiliary staff training, subject to the responsibili- ties devolved to the other Departments.
These are as much important missions that MINE- DUB has been getting down to accomplish over the years, with appreciable results. Therefore, during the year 2017, placed under the central theme of “Pedagogy and Multiculturalism for the promotion of peaceful coexistence”, some good points were recorded. There was a constant evo- lution of the main indicators, namely: the school enrollment rate; The rate of possession in the text- book; the completion rate; The effectiveness of the strategies initiated for a harmonious and serene conduct of the exams and competitions of the 2017 session.
It goes without saying that this global impro- vement consecrates a real step towards modernity that has been taken in the
Signing of an agreement by MINEDUB

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