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Ministry of Secondary Education
Between togetherness and professionalization of Teachings, the Ministry of Secondary Education, is responsible for the Government's policy in terms of secondary education and teachers’ training, it is in charge of the important project of the march towards a Second Generation Secondary Education...
With method, the Ministry of Secondary Education (MINESEC) strives to make the profes- sionalization of teachings its main battleground, in a context marked by the will of the authorities to consolidate the spirit of togetherness on a daily basis, to a quality education, which the Head of State strongly calls for. On a daily basis, the Ministry already fulfills a certain number of mis- sions. Actually, it is responsible for:
• The organization and functioning of teachers’ trai- ning, general and technical secondary education;
• The design of curricula and research of general and technical secondary education methods and monitoring of their implementation;
• The design of curricula and the research of the methods of the normal teaching, as well as the control of their implementation, in relation with the Ministry in charge of Basic Education; the moral, civic and intellectual training of pupils in general and technical secondary education, in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Civic Education;
• Developing and monitoring the implementation of a school map at this level of education;
• The development, analysis and maintenance of statistics at this level of education;
• Monitoring and controlling the administrative and pedagogical management of public and private educational structures for this level of education;
n School orientation and planning;
n Book policy for this level of education;
n Monitoring building construction and school infrastructure at this level of education;
• The management and ongoing training of tea- ching staff at this level of education subject to powers devolved to other ministerial departments.
Besides, MINESEC is responsible for: the Office du Baccalauréat of Cameroon (OBC) and the General Certificate of Education Board (GCE Board).
The 2016/2017 school year, it was noted, suf- fered real disturbances in some regions of Cameroon. A strike movement initiated by some trade union organizations in the North-West and South-West Regions hampered the conduct of school activities, sealing, in the process, the achievement of objectives, particularly with regard to the pass rate on exams.
Despite the many pitfalls that have been erected on the path of the proper execution of its actions, the Ministry of Secondary Education has not given up. Thus, adequate measures have been taken to allow students of exam classes to com- plete their programs in order to calmly face the certification evaluations.
Encouraging the spirit of togetherness now occu- pies an important place in the ongoing professio- nalization of teachings. In this sense, the theme chosen for the 20th edition of the FENASSCO Ligue A school games, held in Ngaoundéré during the year 2018 should be understood: “School games to foster the spirit of together- ness”, and whose French version is: “Sport sco- laire, vecteur du vivre-ensemble”.
The Ministry of Secondary Education’s actions aim at quality education in a multicultural context. In fact, the authorities are well aware that the youth can only become the driving force of the emergence of Cameroon through education.
It is also in this sense that the theme of the 2017/2018 school year is: “Second-generation education for the training of citizens able to pro- mote bilingualism, multiculturalism and coexis- tence”. This option is based on Article 15 of Law N0 98/004 on 14 April 1998 on the

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