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                Orientation of Education in Cameroon; it equally responds to the Government's firm commitment to engage learners in the culture of civic values to guarantee a Cameroon proud of its diversity, its abundant cultural heritage and taking a precious advantage in the harmony between its children.
It has been noted that the march of Cameroon towards Emergence, planned for 2035, requires that young people be well trained. The ambitious vision of development developed by Cameroon, and clearly defined in the Growth and Employment Strategy Paper (GESP), leaves no room for doubt about this determination. No edu- cation, no development. Only education, by ensuring production through its contribution to training, can guarantee a country the quality of human resources it needs to carry out the fight for well-being and shared prosperity.
The Ministry of Secondary Education, well aware of the challenges, is working down to put into practice the political orientation of President Paul Biya. This is why, by adopting as a motto the professionalization of teachings, MINSEC instructed the General Inspectorate of Teachings to carry out a recasting in depth of courses and training programs, in order to offer Cameroon young men and women who, owing their training, can integrate harmo- niously into the world of work or continue their studies in Higher Education.
It is in this context that in December 2011, follo- wing the will of the President of the Republic, the transfer of General Normal Education to the Ministry of Secondary Education took place. The quality approach adopted as a method of mana- gement by the Minister of Secondary Education led him to establish a diagnosis of this level of education, from which it appears that the General Normal Education was not in perfect agreement with the vision of development decreed by the Head of State. He therefore urged his close collaborators to undertake a general reform of this training for the trainers sec- tor, which is now entrusted to him.
The new training curricula of the General Education and the Technical Education Teachers, developed according to the Competence-Based Approach (CPA), are one of the anchor points of the reform of Normal Education initiated since then. The main innovations of this approach place particular emphasis on:
n Skills development;
n The ability to solve professional problems;
n Diagnostic, formative, criterion-based and inte- grative evaluation
With these new curricula, the Ministry of Secondary Education intends to train a new generation of more professional teachers ready >>>
 Signing of a convention between MINESEC and MTN Company

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