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                 to accompany Cameroon to Emergence. They are the result of a methodical work that has inte- grated the essence of the political aspirations but at the same time the elements of the socio-econo- mic environment of the country. Their design required the use of the Business Framework and the Competency Framework of the Schoolteacher that were developed beforehand.
The training of schoolteachers will no longer be a classical initial training, but a professional trai- ning, having a direct relationship with the effec- tive exercise of the teaching profession taken in all its aspects. This means that of an educator and a guide, able to teach, communicate, edu- cate, analyze and regulate its practices by inte- grating the necessary innovations.
All teachers and pedagogical supervisors of this level of teaching now have a tool that stan- dardizes training in ENIEGs and ENIETs in terms of skills, which requires the mobilization of knowledge, know-how, know-how-to-be and associated activities for the resolution of profes- sional problems.
This reform marks the beginning of a new era for teachers’ education in Cameroon. It is there- fore necessary to focus in particular on the continued training of the various links in the edu- cational chain.
The mastery of the aforementioned themes will enable the Teacher to conduct effectively teaching
A view of the Ministry of Secondary Education in Yaoundé
activities, taking into account all the components of Cameroonian society, without exclusion.
Professionalization, backed by bilingualism and ICT proficiency, will undoubtedly help learners to integrate effectively into an increasingly competi- tive socio-professional environment.
The vision, which is currently being implemented, is concretized through:
• The development of technical and professional branches with the acceleration in the construction works of Yagoua and Lagdo technical and voca- tional agricultural colleges;
• The development of the Heavy Duty Automotive Mechanics specialty, through the equipping of the Bamenda-Nkwen, Bertoua-Kpokolota, Figuil and Ngaoundéré technical high school workshops;
• The equipping of three metal sheet-mechanical workshops at the technical colleges of Edéa, Kribi and Limbe;
• The equipping of the industrial chemistry works- hops of the technical colleges of Nkolbisson and Bafoussam;
• The equipping of the land surveyor/topogra- pher workshops in Bafia and Kumba technical high schools;

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