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                 • The equipping of the sawing-sharpening works- hop in the Nkongsamba Technical High School.
We should also mention the following achieve- ments:
• The establishment of training courses in the film industry;
• The continuation of the construction of the tech- nical high schools of Nsam, Maroua and Ombé;
• The establishment of the technical and vocatio- nal school of buildings and public works of Ekounou;
• The gradual establishment of bilingual techni- cal secondary schools;
• The creation of industrial and commercial tech- nical secondary schools with agricultural option;
• Implementation of the “Tanneries and Leatherwork” courses at the Maroua Technical High School;
• Continued implementation of the IT series in public and private general education institutions to respond to employment opportunities offered by the ICTs.
Other initiatives, closely linked to the require- ments of the professionalization of teaching and multiculturalism are envisaged and/or in progress.
This is about the actual opening of the “Tourism” specialty in three technical high schools respecti- vely based in Yaoundé, Maroua and Dschang, the establishment of professional schools of hos- pitality and tourism in Kribi and Limbe. The schools dedicated to tourism, will train learners to promote the rich cultural and ecological heritage of Cameroon.
Among other innovations, a technical agricultural vocational school will be established in each region, as well as professional technical schools adapted to different agro-ecological zones.
As a concrete reality, the Yabassi Technical and Agricultural High School, created in August 2016 by a decree of the Prime Minister, Head of Government, is operational since January 2017. It operates under the boarding and day school system.
Its intends to train young people in trades, and to make them immediately operational, able in par- ticular to self-employ by creating a production unit, or to integrate an existing unit as an employee, with the advantage not negligible to give immediate satisfaction to their employer.
The Yabassi Technical and Agricultural High School offers a wide range of training and spe- cialties in animal and vegetable production, some of which can be presented here:
n Grain farmer;
n Market gardener;
n Hog producer ;
n Poultry producer;
n Cereals, pulse and mushroom grower;
n Producer of perennial crops;
n Producer of roots and tubers;
n Market gardener and grower of fodder;
n Producer of seedlings and seeds;
n Aquaculture operators;
n Processor and preservative of agricultural products;
n Maintainer of agricultural equipment;
Besides, the new high school includes, among its infrastructures, a hen house for broilers; a slaugh- ter workshop; a feed mill and a treatment room; an agricultural equipment maintenance works- hop; a pigsty. The school is furthermore equip- ped with an administrative block; girls dormito- ries (32 beds) and the boys’ (152 beds); four dwellings for school officials; six on-call rooms for teachers; a multipurpose room; a library; three laboratories; a sports complex n
MINESEC focuses on the development of technical and vocational courses

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