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Ministry of Youth and Civic Education
The Ministry of Youth and Civic Education (MINJEC) works mainly for the socio-economic promotion of young Cameroonians as well as their intellectual and moral development...
Given that Youth is the future of a Nation, the Ministry of Youth and Civic Education (MINJEC) appears as a strategic administration in the deve- lopment of Cameroon. As years go by, MINJEC is taking proper action to mold young people in republican values, while working to their socio- economic development. During the 2017 finan- cial year, important successes were achieved in this direction, amongst which:
• The successful organization of the Youth Village, Village of Unity and National Integration in all the administrative units of Cameroon;
• The revision and adoption of texts on the rene- wal of the governing bodies of the National Youth Council of Cameroon;
• The holding of the 1st edition of the Youth Parliament in the wake of the activities of 11 February, in partnership with the Youth Hope Parliamentarians Network (REJE);
• The creation of Mobile Teams of Urban and Rural People's activeness (EMAPUR), whose deployment is now effective in all districts across the country;
• The continuation in the actions of civic educa- tion and national integration clubs in schools, uni- versities and out of school.
Other achievements: support for the operation of 429 Civic Education and National Integration Committees; creation of 27,763 Civic Education and National Integration Clubs across the coun- try; training of 1000 called in the 10 Regions by the National Civic Service for Development Participation Agency; training of 600 Volunteers in the pioneer villages; selection of 2,600
volunteers and placement of 528 by the National Volunteer Programme; training and deployment of 2,300 community mediators and the awareness of 537,305 persons to citizens-
hip and national integration, as part of the inten- sification of the national campaign of civic edu- cation and national integration.
The economic integration of young people, as we have said, is one of MINJEC's priorities. In this regard, the Ministry has trained 30 personnel of multifunctional youth promotion centres to run busi- ness incubators under the CMPJ-Incubator Programme. Still on this front, we should mention: the pre-incubation and development of nearly 2,000 youth business plans submitted to credit committees; the transfer of 100 youth projects to the Agency for the Promotion of Small and Medium- sized Enterprises; the receipt of 100 business plans awaiting validation; the training, installation and support of 600 volunteers in 12 pioneering produc- tion villages; the training of 640 peer-educators.
It should be remembered that a Monitoring Committee for the implementation of the “Special Youth” Three-year Plan was set up by the Prime Minister and aims at establishing a synergy of effective action and consequent procedures manuals. Among the actions carried out by MIN- JEC in this context, we can note: the continuation of the commissioning of the Digital Platform of the National Youth Observatory (ONJ) and the regis- tration of more than 507 thousand young people to the Observatory; the operationalization, rein- forcement or specialization of MINJEC’s pro- grammes and projects.
The Monitoring Committee for the implementation of the PTS Youth announced in early 2018 the financing of the first 2017 batch of 2150 young people individually or in groups, for an overall amount exceeding CFA F 3.3 billion
Some good points that MINJEC intends to consoli- date in the course of the financial year 2018. For example, it is about continuing the intensification

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