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                of the national campaign of civic education and national integration, within the framework of the implementation of the Popular, Civic Education and National Integration Project (PEPCIN), with, among other things: the civic and moral rearma- ment of the population; expanding the media campaign to private media and social networks; strengthening the fight against anti-social beha- viours and violent extremism in risk areas; the fre- quent organization of caravans, youth or village camps, as well as for Unity and National Integration throughout the territory; the revitaliza- tion of EMAPUR throughout the country.
The roadmap also prescribes the continued ope- rationalization of the National Civic Service for Development Participation Agency with the trai- ning of 1,400 called. But also the acceleration of the implementation of the National Volunteer Programme through the involvement of young people with volunteer assignment and youth pro- jects, the training of relay educators to promote volunteering, the creation of HIMO volunteer clubs (High Intensity of Manpower) and the strengthening of the legal and institutional frame- work of volunteering in Cameroon.
Regarding the socio-economic integration of young people, it is necessary to continue the operationalization of the National Youth Observatory, through the consolidation of its digi- tal platform, the intensification of the registration of young people at its windows in all the CMPJ (Multifunctional Youth Promotion Centres). In addition, it will be necessary to continue the implementation of the Support Project of Socio- Economic Resilience for Vulnerable Young people
in the Adamawa, Far-North and North Regions (PARSE) in partnership with the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ).
Other priorities: strengthening the supervision and local support of young people in rural and urban areas in the 434 CMPJs; setting up incubators of agricultural enterprises and digital economy in the 10 pilot CMPJs, through the CMPJ-Incubator pro- gramme; continuing the operationalization of the Assistance Programme for the Return and Integration of Young People from the Diaspora (PARI-JEDI) by increasing the number of young peo- ple from the diaspora receiving support; the deve- lopment of the Sensitivity Assessment Migratory Test, with a view to the identification and effective supervision of individuals or groups inclined to practice irregular migration.
Also on this roadmap: the supervision and sup- port of many young people in difficulty in rural and urban areas, through the granting of aid and relief, or subsidies to their activities; the organiza- tion of campaigns to mobilize and raise aware- ness of young people to the fight against social evils and other addictive behaviours. And with regard to the Civic Service Agency, it has been planned to train 700 new volunteers and install them in 14 new pioneer production villages.
These are all measures and provisions that should increase the commitment of young people to be creators of wealth and thus, relevant players in the resilience and growth of the national eco- nomy. Moreover, it is a question for MINJEC and its executives to work to increase the possibilities of social and economic integration of young peo- ple, to consolidate the fixation of young people already settled, as well as the improvement and targeting in the quality of its interventions n
 The Minister of Youth and Civic Education with the youth during the Education and Citizenship Caravan

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