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Ministry of Sports and Physical Education
As the department in charge of monitoring the national sports and physical education policy as well as upstream sports organizations, the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education also participates in the development of the monitoring of sports competitions and the development of high-performance sport. It thus ensures the vitality and influence of Cameroon...
Created by Decree N° 2005/098 on 06 April 2005 and reorganized by Decree N° 2012/436 on 1 October 2012, the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education (MINSEP) contri- butes to the process towards Emergence of Cameroon. In particular by promoting exploits that defend the national colours proudly. It can be illustrated with the course of the year 2017, which was exceptional with a balance of nearly 350 medals, all categories combined, earned by Cameroon on the continental and world stage. MINSEP, through the results obtained by Cameroonian athletes, has been at the heart of the country's branding.
This branding mission is fulfilled at the same time as many others, carried out under the sub-sector “Sport and Physical Education”, through the per- manent management of the administration not only of physical education and grassroots sports, but also elite sports.
The Government has developed a national sport and physical education policy focussed on defi- ning effective ways and means for its revival and the revitalization of physical education. Thus, within the framework of the implementation of the GESP and taking into account the major stakes of the sub-sector “Sport and Physical Education”, MINSEP is working to improve the quality of life of the people by increasing the practice healthy physical activity and sports (mass sport) and to ensure the influence of Cameroon through elite sport.
The said objective, whose definition is based on the socio-political and even economic impor- tance of sport, as well as on the significant increase in people's interest in the practice of physical activities, is based on three pillars: the strengthening of sports governance, coaching of sports movement and the development of sports infrastructures for elite and grassroots sports.
This option led to the development of three pro- grammes, dedicated respectively to the above- mentioned pillars, as well as to governance and institutional support in the sub-sector concerned.
These programmes, components of the national policy on sport and physical education, are in line with the will of the Cameroonian Head of State to give equal importance to all sporting dis- ciplines, as well as Physical Education in the national education system.
These programmes were carried out during the first two years of the triennium 2016-2018, in a context marked by the persistence of cross-border insecurity, and the major sporting events that took
Reception of the Lions, 2017 African Football Champions

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