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                 place in Cameroon. And to take up the chal- lenge of a good organization of the 10th Women's Football Africa Cup of Nations “ACN Cameroon 2016”, MINSEP has put a lot for the success of the continental meeting thanks to the resources mobilized by the Government. Concretely, it was about following the construc- tion and the rehabilitation of the chosen sports infrastructures, organizing the ceremony of group draw, and especially, conceiving an event offer allowing to make the “ACN Cameroon 2016” opening and closing demonstrations extra festive.
On the sporting chapter, it has been necessary to ensure proper preparation for the Indomitable Lionesses in order to guarantee an honourable participation of Cameroon in the competition. We should also point out that the country hosted other sporting events.
With regard to the men's football Africa Cup of Nations “CAN TOTAL Cameroon 2019”, their preparations are going on, with a focus on the construction and rehabilitation of sports facilities. Besides, concerning the materialization of the commitment made by the Head of State to offer the Cameroonian youth a football academy, the MINSEP made a point to setting up the gover- ning bodies of the National Football Academy (ANAFOOT), a school of excellence whose objective is to train all stakeholders having to contribute to the achievement of high-level perfor- mance in football, and improve the performances of the national teams by preparing the future competitions as of now.
Rehabilitation of the Ahidjo Omnisport Stadium in Yaoundé
The support of the sports movement, both in terms of managerial organization and aspects related to the preparation and participation of athletes in international sports competitions, was a permanent concern during the period under review.
Despite the persistence of cross-border insecu- rity, which has had a considerable impact on the mobilization of resources, MINSEP was able to carry out most of its missions with the means at its disposal. MINSEP has continued to develop, in collaboration with some natio- nal and international partners, platforms for the promotion of the culture of peace through the practice of physical and sports activities in sensitive areas like the refugee camps in the East of Cameroon.
The programme aiming at improving the offer of supervision in the practice of physical and sports activities (APS) by the institutional actors, was materialized mainly through the promotion of Physical Education and Sport. Efforts in 2016 and 2017 led to several achievements in various aspects.
Regarding Physical Education, pedagogical days were organized throughout the national ter- ritory. Similarly, consultation platforms were set up with partner administrations, with a view to taking ownership of the regulatory framework applicable to the teaching of PSE. > > >

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