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On quite another matter, MINSEP has supervi- sed several fitness walking organized by partner administrations and various organizations. The Ministry has continued to draw up a develop- ment plan for physical and sports activities in the public, parastatal and private administrations, in order to promote and supervise their practice by an important part of the population. The goal is to raise public awareness about the importance and value of physical education, physical exer- cise and walking. It is a question of keeping human organism awake in order to preserve health and to include, in the short-term, the prac- tice of physical and sport activities in the daily life of Cameroonians.
Concerning co-operation, at national level, MIN- SEP has put a lot in the revival of the activities of the Monitoring Committee of the Partnership Agreement between the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education and the Urban Councils of Yaoundé, Douala and Bamenda on the one hand, the FEICOM and PNDP, on the other. Internationally, the Ministry participated in the call for demonstration to host the first meeting of the Council of Sports Ministers of ECCAS, and developed a CAMES / CONFEJES advocacy in Cameroon for a University-INJS partnership.
Sport supervision at national level has focused more on the regulation in the functioning of sports organizations and associations. Actually, MINSEP got down to put in place a new sports gover- nance model through the development of texts governing the proper functioning of national civi- lian sports federations. This support from the authorities will have consisted in ensuring a stan- dardization and control of sports organizations, and associations in order to establish more profes- sionalisation in their management and, indirectly the achievement of their association projects.
The support also consisted in granting technical and financial support to certain bodies, such as the Cameroon Professional Football League, FENASSCO A and B Leagues and FENASU, for the organization of school and university games. In a more global context, a donation of material was granted various national civilian sports fede- rations for the promotion of their respective activi- ties and more for the detection and training of young sports talents.
Concerning the chapter on Sport, whose objective is to ensure the influence of Cameroon internatio- nally, authorities’ action was essentially marked by the preparations and organization of the women's football ACN “Cameroon 2016”. The resulting balance can be presented in three watchwords: sport, infrastructure and organization.
As far as athletes are concerned, the perfor- mance of the Indomitable Lionesses was most honourable. Actually, at the end of the competi- tion, the senior women's national football team of Cameroon has obtained several laurels, like the African Vice-Champion ranking, the award best player, best defense and fair-play. At the end of the tournament, the brave Indomitable Lionesses were received at the Unity Palace by the President of the Republic, and the wife on December 8, 2016.
Regarding the infrastructure assessment, Cameroon had undertaken to fulfill the specifica- tions presented by the African Football Confederation (CAF). It was a question of making available, and within the prescribed deadlines, infrastructures (sports, hotels, sanitary, roads, etc.) that meet the requirements. The coun- try can boast for having taken up the challenge, with the provision of good-quality infrastructure.
Concerning the organizational chapter, the Cameroon Women's CAN was a very beautiful African Youth Day. It has been praised by a great

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