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                 number of observers. First of all, an unpreceden- ted double ceremony of group draw and presen- tation of the visuals, and afterwards the beautiful opening and closing ceremonies coloured by cul- tural parades of great originality, which highligh- ted the cultural richness of Cameroon.
Besides, although the victory of the men Indomitable Lions at the “CAN TOTAL Gabon 2017” had focused the sports movement atten- tion, several other sporting disciplines contributed to the promotion of Cameroon's image. Actually, the Government has ensured the permanent and final preparation of the national teams and their participation in international competitions, as well. The promotion and supervision of elite sport has consisted, among other things, in providing multi-faceted support to guarantee not only a good organization of the national championships by the various national sports federations, but also an effective and efficient management of sports the various aspects related to the conduct of major sporting events in the national territory.
In the field of high-performance sport, Cameroon took part in 90 sporting events of all categories, including 18 organized in the national territory
and 72 abroad, for a total of 381 medals won (142 of gold, 97 silver and 142 bronze).
After this great harvest, President Paul BIYA has rightly honoured the national sports movement for the third time in less than nine months, receiving on August 10, 2017 at the Unity Palace, athletes, technical, medical and administrative supervisers, medal-winners of the national teams in the first half-year of the 2017 sports season.
We should mention that the honourable organi- zation by Cameroon of the women’s Volleyball African Cup of Nations won by Cameroon led to their qualification for the Japan 2018 World Championship. Similarly, there was a brilliant participation of the Men's Volleyball national team in the Africa Cup of Nations “Egypt 2017”, during which Cameroon got the bronze medal and qualified for the World Championship of the discipline, scheduled in Italy and Bulgaria in 2018. We can’t afford not to mention the exceptional performance of the Cameroonian boxer Fokou Fosso Arsène at the world championship where he succeeded win- ning a bronze medal, the only medal won by an African in that competition.
The programme, which is supposed to equip Cameroon with modern sports facilities, aims at a long-term development of various sports facilities throughout the country, enabling the expression, development and blossoming of sports talent in an adequate environment, and also favouring the organization by the country of national and inter- national sports competitions. The implementation of the programme during the first two years of the 2016-2018 triennium took place in a general context marked by the organization of the women's 2016 CAN and the preparations for the organization of the Men’s 2019 CAN.
Actually, the requirements related to compliance with CAF's specifications within the framework of the organization of the 2016 CAN and the pre- parations associated to the 2019 CAN in Cameroon led the country to revise its action plan in the implementation of the National Programme for the Development of Sport Infrastructures (PNDIS). As such, the projects were completed on time, in particular the Omnisport stadium in Limbe, its annex and outdoor facilities, as well as the training stages. In Yaoundé, the rehabilitation of the Ahmadou Ahidjo Omnisport stadium and the n0 1 and n0 2 annexes, as well as the military stadium was carried out.
With regard specifically to the 2019 CAN, the Government, through all the Ministerial Departments involved, is well aware of the challenges to be met to hold the bet of a good >>>
A view of the new Omnisport Stadium that is being built in Douala

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