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organization of the competition, a major sporting event whose holding commits the honour and the pride of the whole nation.
Thus, as part of the preparations for the organi- zation of the tournament, and consistent with the requirements of CAF’s new specifications, several large-scale projects were launched in various cities of Cameroon. The projects, awarded to reputable companies, are distributed according to the six competition sites selected: Olémbé and Mfandena in Yaoundé; Douala; Limbe and Buea; Garoua; Bafoussam. Although the African Football Confederation has postponed the hol- ding of the “CAN TOTAL Cameroon 2019” to June 2019, the Government, keeps consistent adherence with all the firms awarded for the construction of the stadiums to be completed in September 2018; in such a way that there will be enough time to test these infrastructures and proceed to possible readjustments.
At the end of the first two years of the current 2016-2018 triennium, it has been noted that considerable efforts have been made to super- vise the national sports movement, and to pro- vide Cameroon with modern infrastructures in suf- ficient numbers, in view of the challenges to be faced. In 2018, MINSEP intends to continue and intensify the actions initiated under the various programmes through its decentralized, attached and under protective bodies.
In the prospects of the last year of the triennium 2016-2018, MINSEP must extend and align its field of competence with the directives of the
A view of the Bafoussam Omnisport Stadium
Head of State on Physical and Sports Activities (PSA), the guidelines of the instruments for government’s planning, as well as the constraints, stakes and challenges of an ever- changing environment.
With regard to the supervision of the sports movement, MINSEP will continue consultations with partner Ministries (MINESEC, MINEDUB and MINEFOP), to improve the teaching of PSE on the one hand, and lead to the development and validation of a strategic plan for the develop- ment of Physical Education taking into account the socio-cultural context of the country, on the other hand.
In order to promote the regular practice of phy- sical exercise by people, MINSEP wishes, in addition to the celebration of the National Day of Physical Education across the national terri- tory, to implement the PSA development plan in public, parastatal and private administrations. These actions will be accompanied by the pro- motion of the practice of PSA in prison and the elderly, the destitute, and the persons with redu- ced mobility. As part of its contribution to mee- ting the challenges faced by Cameroon in terms of social cohesion, MINSEP intends to contri- bute to the promotion of the culture of peace and human rights in sensitive areas through the practice of PSA.
With regard to the promotion and supervision of sport at the national level, the Ministry, in 2018, plans to continue to provide national sports fede- rations with administrative, technical and finan- cial support necessary for the search of perfor- mance in future sports competitions.

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