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                For 2018, Cameroon has developed a busy sports calendar. It includes among others: the 21st Commonwealth Games (April) in Gold Coast, Australia; the 37th African Youth Games; the men’s African Nations Cup of Handball (January) 2018 in Libreville, Gabon; the Youth Olympic Games (July) in Buenos Aires, Argentina; the African Youth Boxing Championship qualifiers for the Youth Olympic Games “Buenos Aires 2018”; the 40th African Cup of Champion Clubs Handball; the participation of the U-23 national football team in the final phase of the “Maroc 2018” African Nations Championship; Cameroon's participation in the qualifiers for the women's Football African Cup Nations “Ghana 2018”; the preparation of the “CAN Total Cameroon 2019” African Nations Cup of Football.
As of October 1, 2012, the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education plans to continue and intensify the monitoring of the infrastructure pro- jects to host the 2019 CAN. It is a question of bringing the stadiums that housed the 2016 CAN into compliance with the new specifica- tions of CAF. This requires a strong mobilization of the project team in the follow-up of works in order to respect the schedules.
Other challenges to be met in the short-term by the October 1, 2012, the Ministry of Sports and
Physical Education (MINSEP): the revitalization of the activities of INJS and CENAJES; improving the teaching of physical education and sports in the education system; the effectiveness of the implementation of the powers transferred to the municipalities; the continuation in the process implementing the Sports Talent Detection and Training Programme.
Various actions are also planned with regard to Governance and Institutional Support in the “Sport and Physical Education” sub-sector for 2018. The programme implementation will be based on the mechanisms to support two opera- tional programmes in terms of human, infrastruc- tural, financial, informational and material resources. In 2018, emphasis will be laid on improving working conditions through the mainte- nance of buildings and the equipping of central and decentralized services.
In other words, this supposes for 2018, owing to a context marked by the dwindling budgetary resources of the State, a rationalization of the actions to be implemented. The global approach will be based on the prescriptions by the Head of State aiming at reducing the lifestyle of the State, the prioritization of actions associated to the preparations for 2019 CAN as well as those with high added-value on the economic, social and cultural development of the Nation and on the well-being of citizens n
 The Yaoundé Multi-purpose Sports Hall

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