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                economic zones, it is made according to the pro- visions of the decree n ° 2014/3210 / PM of September 29th, 2014, and enacts the conditions relating to the granting of the leases and the modes of payment the public land tax in the eco- nomic zones, in application of the law n ° 2013/011 of 16 December 2013 governing the economic zones in the Republic of Cameroon.
Here is a constant concern of the Government of Cameroon, which has put in place important ins- truments to facilitate
land, estate and cadastral transactions including: one-stop shops for the facilitation of land and com- mercial property transactions; the user's guides, the economic operator and the manual for completion of land, state and cadastral procedures; the website of the Single Points of Land Transactions allowing the online publication and consultation of the various texts and information necessary for the proper conduct of procedures, at the following address: In terms of access to land ownership and the strengthening of land and legal security, there is an increase in the number of land titles issued, from 12171 in 2014 to around 20 000 in 2017. Another observation: an increase in the num- ber of land titles land titles issued to women, increa- sed from 869 in 2005 to about 2000 in 2017. It should be added that various projects were laun- ched to further improve land governance: moderni-
zation of the cadastre, computerization of proce- dures, implementation of the property co-ownership.
In MINDCAF, the outlook is reflected in the imple- mentation of a number of achievements. First The realization of public subdivisions. The program of constitution of the current land reserves allowed to incorporate in the private domain of the State and to proceed to the legal security of important surfaces. It is now necessary to focus on the rea- lization of public housing estates. Then, the crea- tion of a One Stop Shop for registration and land registration formalities in the Land Conservations, to simplify procedures and reduce costs and deadlines. Finally, with regard to the pursuit of land reforms, in the interest of accelerated and inclusive development, the Head of State has prescribed a reform able to support the 2nd generation agriculture, on the occasion of the agricultural show. -pastoral organized in Ebolawa in 2011. This project is very advanced and led by the MINDCAF, with the participation of all actors, both in the Administration and at the level of the social bodies. It is an improvement of the legal procedures and frameworks in order to adapt them to the context, the socio-economic objectives of the government and the aspirations of the populations. This is the modernization of land governance, to enable the land to fully play its role as a factor of production and progress for current and future generations n
 Madam Minister of State Property, Surveys and Land Tenure at a seminar in Yaoundé

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