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                State Property (MINDCAF), and other institutional partners in the recent 40 years.
In other words, it is about working towards the constant satisfaction of users by adapting to changes in the national environment, and offe- ring, within the framework of a new vision, a secure, structured and sustainable living environ- ment in the CEMAC zone to all those who will trust MAETUR.
Besides, the structure aims at becoming a regio- nal player of influence, then developing its social responsibility to the benefit of the economy and the Cameroonian society.
One should equally point out that in terms of development in general, the Authority will conti- nue to work alongside the State in various government programmes, and is empowered to succeed with a focus on:
• The promotion of habitability through develo- ped sites;
• Return to major operations to increase custo- mers’ satisfaction;
• The resort to innovative payment methods;
• The implementation of flexible financing plans, to enable the largest possible number to enjoy its services;
• The association of aesthetics, ecology and har- mony in projects.
Another area of its intervention is restructuring. Here, MAETUR is spread over three lines: the
renovation of informal housing areas; the construc- tion of community facilities; and land regularization.
To achieve these objectives, MAETUR will first rely on its human resources, whose loyalty and compe- tence are its greatest asset. At this level also, the management of the company is confident because MAETUR’s know-how in urban planning and land tenure over decades is firmly rooted in the wealth of adaptability and creativity that in-house profes- sionals have been deploying, especially to cope with adverse business conditions.
The whole structure has been able to evolve over time. Developers, with experts in architecture, urban planning and engineering in public works, MAETUR has become concomitantly land opera- tor and has equipped itself accordingly, with experts in the field of land and all related trades. And as a land operator, the structure has develo- ped three main businesses, namely: prospecting; acquisition of land; securing of the said lands.
Likewise, the need to fulfill the functions of prime contractor and deputy controller of works, according to the projects, led MAETUR to bring into existence, in the range of its trades, all the necessary skills rela- ted to realization of its original and new tasks.
The company is therefore continuing to move for- ward, resolutely determined to increase its level of production, and to make the qualitative leap as imposed by the respect of the objectives of the New Urban Agenda driven by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). MAETUR is thus invol- ved in new operations, such as the Talla Eco-area in Kribi, the luxury housing estates in Ngoulmékong, and various major projects: Douala-Yaoundé motor- way, 10,000 housing programme and 50,000 plots, New Administrative Centre of Yaoundé n
 An aerial view of the housing estate in Ngoulmékong

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