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                 Publications: Four magazines, a quality label
SOPECAM provides its readers and the general public with
reliable information and analyzes revealed through its publications:
our spheres of activity
Cameroon Tribune, Nyanga, Cameroon Business Today, Weekend Sports et Loisirs, as well as its special issues and special publications.
Editions: African history by Africa
SOPECAM, true to its policy and missions, provides a response to the cultural, educational
and social needs of its readers through the promotion of books and Culture.
Printing: Tied to technological progress
One of the most efficient technology platforms in the sub- region. A revolutionary newspaper press (KBA COMET). A bin- ding chain of the modern book. SOPECAM manufactures very good quality prints, which makes it the leading enterprise in the sub-region on the quality /price /delay ratio for the production of all types of media.
Advertising: we showcase your know-how
SOPECAM Marketing and Communication (SMC) markets advertising spaces in the media produced by the company. Thanks to the advice of its specialised teams, customers can take advantage of the select showcase to improve their visibility, boost their business and carry out communication campaigns on the Cameroon- Tribune’s website that receives nearly 10,000 visitors a day.
Headquarters: Airport Road Po Box 1218 Yaoundé Tel. (237) 222 30 41 47 - 222 30 36 89 Fax: (237) 222 30 43 62 Website:

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