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E-mail: Contact@bc-cm www.BC-PME.COM
The Cameroon Bank for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (BC-PME) is open to the public since 20th July 2015; it provides all banking value-added services...
The small and medium-sized enterprises’ (SMEs) contribution to socio-economic development remains below their potential. With 52% of the workforce in the productive sector and responsi- ble for most of the national production, Cameroonian SMEs only contribute 34% of GDP. Conventional banks generally turn away from it because of the risk induced by a weak capacity in mobilizing financial resources, the absence of appropriate management and the inadequacy of guarantees.
To boost the SMEs that they would fully reach their potential, and above all to bridge the “finan- cial gap” between the traditional banking sector and SMEs, the Cameroonian Head of State, His Excellency Paul BIYA, decided in 2011 to create an institution specialized in the financing of SMEs: the Cameroon Bank of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (BC-PME).
Within the framework of its mission of general economic interest, it is intended: to finance pro- jects developed by SMEs, in compliance with banking regulations; to be a catalyst to increase the supply of SMEs finance in Cameroon and reduce its cost; to help SMEs to strengthen their financial capacities and structures.
In terms of vision, the BC-SME must: contribute to the creation and development of Cameroonian companies by offering diversified and adapted products and services with high added-value, with special emphasis on SMEs / SMIs and Crafts Trades; access, in the medium term, to a position of local leader in the financing of SMEs / SMIs / UPAs and, the favourite bank for other key economic players in Cameroon.
Its values include: Professionalism in customer ser- vice and the quality of the products offered; ethi- cal behaviour in the management of public funds; economic patriotism in the financing approach; social responsibility on the path of economic emergence.
After nearly 3 years of activities, the Bank's client portfolio includes around 4,000 companies divi- ded into 6 key sectors: Agribusiness, Energy, Building and Public Works, Cotton and Textile, Wood and Services (ICTs, Trade, Transport and tourism). Despite a fairly unstable economic cli- mate and scarce financial resources, between February 2016, which marks the beginning of the credit activity, and end December 2017, the BC-PME has granted nearly 15.5 billion FCFA of credits, or 14.5 billion in direct financing and 1 billion in indirect financing.
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