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                 In order to make the different measures operatio- nal, the Government, on the Head of State’s behest, is committed in an irreversible process of economic and political reforms necessary to reas- sure and win the trust of the population and deve- lopment partners, as well as potential investors (foreigners or nationals) for human development and social sustainability purposes.
For this reason, the “Sparrow hawk” operation was launched in 2006 with a series of arrests of some companies’ managers and ministers suspec- ted of embezzlement of public funds. At the origin of their charges, reports produced by the Supreme State Control (CONSUPE). From now on, the slightest information in the press on a raid by state inspectors into state companies gives rise to the most incredible assumptions about the immi- nent arrest of so-and-so person. A number of assumptions entertained by the mystery that seems to surround the work of the structure placed under the direct authority of the Head of State.
The CONSUPE’s office contributes to the moder- nization of the Cameroonian system of external control in public administrations and bodies, local and regional authorities, associations and professional bodies benefiting from state subsi- dies or guarantees. Clearly, they are responsible for auditing these structures administratively and financially. They also help to control the imple- mentation of the State budget and externally financed projects. We should point out, however, that the departments may, upon the decision of the Head of State, carry out checking in strategic private enterprises and organizations. Besides, the CONSUPE’s office is the public manager's
The premises of the State Supreme Audit in Yaoundé
partner in their role of consultancy and support in management. Interventions are carried out with audit engagements as part of a yearly pro- gramme. In the field, members of the mobile audit engagements enjoy full independence of investigative powers.
The Fiscal and Budgetary Disciplinary Board (CBDC) is the main tool of the CONSUPE. Chaired by the Minister Delegate to the Presidency in charge of the Supreme State Audit, the council is responsible for imposing sanctions against public officials guilty of irregularities and other mismanagement committed in the exercise of their functions. These sanctions concern the authorizing officers and credit managers of the State, local and regional authorities, public and para-public companies and organizations. But also public officials performing other functions primarily, but acting occasionally or alternatively as authorizing officers or credit managers of the State, as well as auditors, censors and govern- ment commissioners of public enterprises.
A decree on 11 October 2015 organizing the Office of the Supreme State Audit, which places it under the leadership of a Minister Delegate to the Presidency of the Republic, specifies that this head of a ministerial department is accountable only to the President of the Republic. Moreover, the Head of State is the only personality from he receives instructions. Therefore, the following spe- cific missions are assigned to the Minister Delegate in the performance of his duties:

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